Hideaway in the woods

Are you looking for high quality, but extremely low cost? If so, Camp Tugalo might be just the place. Camp Tugalo is tucked away in the woods on the shore of beautiful Lake Louise.

There are four cabins at Camp Tugalo. Each cabin has 10 bunk beds and can accommodate 20 campers.  At camp Tugalo, campers provide their own linens, pillows, and towels.  The bathrooms have sinks, private showers, private toilets, ceiling fans, porches, and central heat and ac. The maximum occupancy of Camp Tugalo is 80 people.

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Camp Tugalo is designed so you can provide all meals for your campers. There is a commercial kitchen with an 80 seat dining hall. You do have the choice to join us for meals at the conference center in the Lakeside Dining Room.

Camp Tugalo’s dining room is located by cabins 1-3; this dining room also serves as your indoor meeting room.

Make sure you get a chance to utilize our outdoor pavilion in the process. This can be a great break area or reception area for any parties your group might be planning.


There are many recreation options at Camp Tugalo. Camp Tugalo has a large recreation field and basketball court.

Do you want a closer look at Camp Tugalo? Maybe even a layout of our cabins? Click the buttons below to view or download a Camp Tugalo map or see the cabin layouts!