Garrison Auditorium (Empty)

Garrison Auditorium

For those looking for the maximum amount of space, the Garrison Auditorium is our largest facility on campus. This massive structure can hold up to 1,000 people and is a perfect venue for large conferences, summer camps, and other events with a high. Garrison has its own sound booth, and has WiFi available for the sound and audio engineers. Click here for more information.


If you are looking for a more intimate environment, our Chapel is located with a view towards beautiful Lake Louise. It has a capacity of 300 people, and is one of the most elegant spots on campus. This meeting space has the potential to be setup in multiple ways that can enhance the overall experience and make the best use of your space. WiFi and restrooms are available in this facility. Looking for the dimensions to this room for an upcoming event? Click here to download the spec sheet.


King 12

King 12 has direct access to the King Rotunda and comes with a touch of modern design. This is the perfect space for mid-sized meetings, holding up to 90 people. This room has access to WiFi, cable programming, and a 70″ TV for any audio/visual needs you might have. Restrooms are located nearby in the King Rotunda. Click here to download the layout.

Griffith Meeting Rooms

The Griffith meeting rooms are a collection of 14 rooms located on the bottom floor of the Griffith hotel. These rooms come in a variety of sizes and have the flexibility of holding groups of many sizes — whether 15 or 100. The meeting rooms are some of the newest on our campus with each having a level of video capabilities. If your group has need for a meeting room in addition to several breakout rooms, this might be your best option. The Griffith meeting rooms have access to WiFi and restrooms.


King Meeting Rooms

The 15 King meeting rooms located at our King Hotel are some of our most historic on campus. These meeting rooms come in all shapes and sizes. We have a mixture of upstairs rooms (via stairs) and downstairs rooms. WiFi is accessible in most of these rooms and restrooms are located nearby in King Rotunda. Click here to download the layout.

King Rotunda

King Rotunda is one of the general meeting spaces on our campus. This is a central gathering area for all groups where you will be able to sit and talk long hours into the night. Because the Rotunda is a general meeting space, it is an area that many groups use simultaneously because of its large size and abundance of chairs/couches. If you come in the winter time, there is a good chance you will even be able to snuggle up to a cozy fire!